As you know, kitchens are usually the biggest selling feature in a home. Sometimes a simple change can make a big difference, but sometimes changes are not so simple to give it the most marketability. Fortunately, they’re also the most fun and rewarding. If done right, a new kitchen can make a house feel like … Continued

Pool…or Frog Pond?!

In Florida, a nice pool can add a lot to your property value! But what if the pool hasn’t been opened in 10 years? What if it’s more of a frog pond than a pool? The first thing we look for is whether the pool is holding water. If it is, chances are it can … Continued

Open Concept Living

People love open concept living! Having an open space makes it easier to watch kids, converse with family, and invites guests to us the entire house (rather than just congregating in the kitchen!) Here are some before & after photos of some of our projects where opening space made a big difference.